What Is A Soul Agreement

Have you been look­ing for your soul­mate all your life, only to lead one rela­tion­ship after another to fail­ure, dis­com­fort, sad­ness and grief? Have you tried blind dat­ing, online dat­ing, or hav­ing fun with some­one who isn‘t “that”? While there are many dif­fer­ent con­tracts that could stand in the way of the search for love, the soul soli­tude con­tract can be one of the most dif­fi­cult to man­age. When your soul is attached to this type of agree­ment, even if you have found some­one won­der­ful, you still feel lonely, dis­con­nected and unsyming. Mas­ter this con­tract and you are finally able to “feel” the sup­port and love that is out there. WITH this con­tract, it‘s as if it doesn‘t exist (although it often already does). All plan­ets and suns have their own con­scious­ness. They are not meant to be con­fused divine beings. But what­ever your soul‘s con­tract, remem­ber that you chose each expe­ri­ence to help you learn and grow. It was brought to my atten­tion by a Face­book friend that the use of the soul con­tract is not what you are describ­ing, rather it should be a soul model. Although I love what you do.

These are the small con­tracts that relate to ran­dom encoun­ters, shar­ing syn­chronic­ity for some­one, exchang­ing energy, and com­plet­ing the soul code. These are the chords you‘ll never real­ize you‘ve been a part of until you move into the spirit world. The pur­pose of these souls was to play karma and ful­fill the con­tracts of the pre­vi­ous own­ers. This was so that the Earth could move fur­ther in the direc­tion of the Ascen­sion event. Many of these walk-ins have held posi­tions in gov­ern­ment, mil­i­tary, and bank­ing families. .