Visas For Agreement

You can access the agree­ments via the links on the right. Agree­ments facil­i­tat­ing the issuance of visas pro­mote con­tact between cit­i­zens between cit­i­zens and nation­als of non-EU coun­tries. The agree­ments facil­i­tate the issuance of visas for short-term stays and do not exceed 90 days of stay within 180 days. From its effec­tive date, this agree­ment pre­vails over the pro­vi­sions of bilat­eral or mul­ti­lat­eral agree­ments or agree­ments between Mem­ber States and the Russ­ian Fed­er­a­tion, as the pro­vi­sions of these lat­est agree­ments or arrange­ments relate to issues dealt with in this agree­ment. 1. Cit­i­zens of the Russ­ian Fed­er­a­tion or mem­ber states hold­ing valid diplo­matic pass­ports may enter, leave and tran­sit visa-free on the ter­ri­tory of the Mem­ber States or the Russ­ian Fed­er­a­tion. 2. By dero­ga­tion from para­graph 1 of this arti­cle, this agree­ment does not enter into force until the date of the read­mis­sion agree­ment between the Russ­ian Fed­er­a­tion and the Euro­pean Com­mu­nity, when that date is clos­est to that set out in para­graph 1 of this arti­cle. The Russ­ian Fed­er­a­tion has visa-free agree­ments with 140 coun­tries. In the table says in red that the agree­ments are signed, but are not rat­i­fied or tem­porar­ily not imple­mented. 2. The con­tract­ing par­ties charge a fee of EUR 70 for the pro­cess­ing of visas if the visa appli­cant and the sup­port­ing doc­u­ments have been filed by the visa appli­cant within three days of his sched­uled depar­ture date. This does not apply to cases in Arti­cle 6, para­graphs 3, b) and (f) and Arti­cle 7, para­graph 3.

At present, there are no rail­way cross­ing points where the visa could be used to travel from Europe to the Leningrad Oblast. [231] It is intended that the elec­tronic visa could be used if you take a train to Wyborg and take another train between Wyborg and St. Peters­burg. This is because bor­der checks for pas­sen­gers leav­ing the train in Wyborg take place at the sta­tion, as the sta­tion is close to the bor­der, while other bor­der checks take place on trains. [232] The train from Riga to St. Peters­burg departs out­side the Leningrad Oblast in Rus­sia. There­fore, elec­tronic visas for pas­sen­gers will only be allowed if the des­ti­na­tion area extends to other areas. Par­tic­i­pants at the East­ern Eco­nomic Forum in Vladi­vos­tok will be able to attend a visa-free event from 8 to 15 Sep­tem­ber 2018.

[540] No visas are required for air­line, crew, crew and rail­way crew mem­bers who have entered into a bilat­eral agree­ment with the Russ­ian gov­ern­ment exempt­ing crew mem­bers from the visa require­ment. [136] [137] The visa require­ment for nation­als of Alba­nia and Bosnia and Herze­gov­ina for stays in the Schen­gen area for up to 90 days in one semes­ter was also lifted from 15 Decem­ber 2010.