Training Facilitator Agreement

Please visit for more infor­ma­tion on how we process, store and use your data. A “book­ing form” refers to the form for book­ing train­ing, events or work­shops– staff or online and the present terms and con­di­tions of sale. If you would like us to remove cer­tain audio or visual record­ings or pho­tos of you from an Embod­ied Facil­i­ta­tor Course Lim­ited pub­li­ca­tion, web­site or ad, please con­tact by email embod­ied Facil­i­ta­tord Course Lim­ited by email­ing “Com­ing” where Embod­ied Facil­i­ta­tor Course offers online train­ing, events or work­shops. This memo sum­ma­rizes the agree­ment we reached at our senior man­age­ment with­drawal plan­ning meet­ing. By send­ing a book­ing form to Embod­ied Facil­i­ta­tor Course Lim­ited, you will thank with your agree­ment and accep­tance of our terms and con­di­tions of sale. All ref­er­ences to terms and con­di­tions of sale refer to these terms and con­di­tions of sale in mod­i­fied and updated ver­sions from time to time. O‘Reilly mem­bers attend live online train­ing as well as books, videos and dig­i­tal con­tent from more than 200 pub­lish­ers. “Fee” refers to the amount to be paid for train­ing, events or work­shops, either in per­son or online, as stated in the book­ing form. “event, work­shop or train­ing,” any spe­cific event, work­shop or train­ing, either in per­son or online, offered by Embod­i­ment Facil­i­ta­tor Courses Ltd. Event dates can be viewed on the spe­cial page of the Embod­ied Facil­i­ta­tor Course Lim­ited web­site: “Free Taster Class” spe­cific train­ings, events or work­shops — per­son­ally or online, the client par­tic­i­pates free of charge and is sub­ject to these Gen­eral Con­di­tions These con­di­tions apply to any replace­ment train­ing offered to the client by embod­ied Facil­i­ta­tor Course Lim­ited if the ini­tial courses do not com­ply with these conditions.

The fee is in no way refund­able unless it has been pre­vi­ously agreed in writ­ing by Embod­ied Facil­i­ta­tor Course Lim­ited, unless it is. Embod­ied Facil­i­ta­tor Course Lim­ited is not in a posi­tion to offer con­ces­sions for missed courses due to ill­ness or vaca­tion, in cer­tain cir­cum­stances and only at the dis­cre­tion of Embod­ied Facil­i­ta­tor Course Lim­ited, the fol­low­ing options may be avail­able: These terms and con­di­tions con­sti­tute the entire agree­ment between the par­ties and replace all pre­vi­ous agree­ments and agree­ments between the par­ties. It was agreed that no writ­ten or oral state­ment, under­tak­ing or induce­ment, which was made by one of the par­ties and which is not included in it, is not bind­ing or is part of these Terms and Con­di­tions. “Term” refers to the peri­ods through­out the year dur­ing which we orga­nize train­ing, events or work­shops — missed per­sonal or online train­ing, courses, work­shops can­not be trans­ferred to the next semes­ter with­out prior writ­ten con­sent (online or up-to-date doc­u­ment). To this end, please accept and com­ply with these terms and con­di­tions at all times, as these are the con­di­tions under which we pro­vide our ser­vices. If, for some rea­son, a par­tic­u­lar teacher is unable to per­form an event, Embod­ied Facil­i­ta­tor Course Lim­ited will do its best to pro­vide another teacher with the Embod­ied Facil­i­ta­tor Course Lim­ited. If this is not pos­si­ble, Embod­ied Facil­i­ta­tor Course Lim­ited, accord­ing to its unique choice, is either (i) resched­uled for train­ing by adding addi­tional train­ing, or (ii) reim­burse­ment of fees for this class. Clients are not allowed to use the train­ing or infor­ma­tion they have received from the train­ing for com­mer­cial pur­poses with­out prior writ­ten authorization.