The North American Free Trade Agreement Includes All Of The Following Nations Except

Methanex said a Cal­i­for­nia ban on methyl-tert-butylether (MTBE), a sub­stance that had found its way into many of the state‘s wells, affected the company‘s methanol sales. The com­plaint was dis­missed and the com­pany was ordered to pay $3 mil­lion to the United States. “But a ques­tion of gen­eral inter­na­tional law shall not be con­sid­ered as a ques­tion of gen­eral inter­na­tional law a non-discriminatory regime of a pub­lic pur­pose, adopted in accor­dance with an ordi­nary pro­ce­dure, which con­cerns inter alios a for­eign investor or a for­eign invest­ment, as expro­pri­ated and com­pens­able, unless the reg­u­la­tory gov­ern­ment has sent to the alleged for­eign investor at the time, invest­ment, spe­cific com­mit­ments have been made for the gov­ern­ment to refrain from engag­ing in such reg­u­la­tion. Ion. [51] Maquilado­ras (Mex­i­can assem­bly plants that reg­is­ter imported com­po­nents and pro­duce goods for export) have become an impor­tant stage of trade in Mex­ico. They moved from the United States to Mex­ico, hence the debate about los­ing Amer­i­can jobs. Rev­enues from the maquiladora sec­tor have increased by 15.5% since the cre­ation of NAFTA in 1994. [68] Other sec­tors have also ben­e­fited from the free trade agree­ment and the share of exports to the United States. Non-frontier coun­tries have increased over the past five years, while the share of exports from bor­der coun­tries has declined. This has allowed for rapid growth in bor­der­less met­ro­pol­i­tan areas like Toluca, León and Puebla, all less pop­u­lated than Tijuana, Ciu­dad Juárez and Reynosa.

Pro­po­nents of NAFTA in the United States have stressed that the pact is a free trade agree­ment and not an eco­nomic agreement.