Sst Clause In Agreement

TENURE 4. The term of the Agree­ment will com­mence on the effec­tive date set by the SOF and will auto­mat­i­cally renew for suc­ces­sive matu­ri­ties cor­re­spond­ing to the orig­i­nal term, unless one of the par­ties is ter­mi­nated in writ­ing at least thirty (30) days before the expi­ra­tion of the cur­rent term (the “Term”). How­ever, pro­vided that the term expires before the expected date of ter­mi­na­tion, if it is sub­ject to the delay clause below and the non-compliance clause. The fol­low­ing clauses apply to all sales of NS BlueScope Malaysia Sdn Bhd. The terms “the com­pany” in this doc­u­ment refer to NS BlueScope Malaysia Sdn Bhd and “the cus­tomer” refers to the par­ties des­ig­nated in the sales con­tract. All costs related to legal actions taken by the com­pany to recover funds due from the cus­tomer are the respon­si­bil­ity of the cus­tomer. If the cus­tomer is in default in a pay­ment, com­mits an act of bank­ruptcy or a vol­un­tary liq­ui­da­tion, the com­pany may, at its option, with­hold other deliv­er­ies or ter­mi­nate the con­tract, with­out prej­u­dice to its rights. 35. THE CUSTOMER AND ITS COLLABORATORS, REPRESENTATIVES AND REPRESENTATIVES TAKE ALL RISKS, INCLUDING FALLS AND ELECTRIC SHOCKS, AND RELEASE BIG BAND AND ITS REPRESENTATIVES, COLLABORATORS AND REPRESENTATIVES FROM ANY LIABILITY RESULTING FROM DAMAGE, LOSS OR INJURY TO PERSONS AND / OR PROPERTY, EVEN IF THEY WERE CAUSED BY THEIR OWN NEGLIGENCE OF BIG BAND. 11. The cus­tomer agrees to pay the price per megabits per sec­ond (Mbps) for the con­trac­tual band­width defined by the amount of Inter­net access on the SOF and the addi­tional Mbit/s price indi­cated in the SOF for this con­trac­tual amount.

40K BIG BAND under­takes to pro­vide the Ser­vices in accor­dance with the terms set out in the Ser­vice Level Agree­ment, which is attached as Appen­dix “B” and is incor­po­rated therein by ref­er­ence. (a) sus­pend deliv­er­ies to the cus­tomer, whether under this con­tract or oth­er­wise, until all amounts due, includ­ing inter­est payable, are received there. What the fol­low­ing terms in the agree­ment (def­i­n­i­tions) mean: RIGHT/USE 5. Cus­tomer has the right to use the Space exclu­sively for (i) the instal­la­tion of the Equip­ment in the Space, (ii) the main­te­nance of the Equip­ment, (iii) the oper­a­tion of the Equip­ment and (iv) the removal of the Equip­ment (the “Per­mit­ted Uses”). Unless BIG BAND has agreed oth­er­wise in writ­ing, the cus­tomer must make the autho­rized uses at its own expense and expense. The cus­tomer may not use or autho­rize the space for any pur­pose other than autho­rized use. (b) ter­mi­nate the con­tract in respect of the un deliv­ered goods. 36. ALL RESTRICTIONS IN THIS SECTION APPLY EVEN IF BIG BAND HAS BEEN ADVISED OF THE POSSIBILITY OF SUCH DAMAGES AND THE CLAIMS ARE BASED ON CONTRACT, WRONGFUL ACT, STRICT LIABILITY, PRODUCT LIABILITY OR OTHERWISE. ROYALTIES, ROYALTIES AND PLEDGE RIGHTS 7. The fees and/or expenses are to be paid to BIG BAND dur­ing the exe­cu­tion of the SOF and the con­tract, and the cus­tomer under­takes to pay BIG BAND the amount cor­re­spond­ing to (a) the instal­la­tion costs of racks, cab­i­nets, cages, cus­tom space, elec­tri­cal cir­cuits, fiber optic con­nec­tions, cable, pan­els and other objects, that are nec­es­sary for the oper­a­tion of the device in the space (“cost com­po­nent”), plus (b) a deposit equal to the num­ber of recur­ring monthly fees, as pro­vided for in the SOF (the “Fees”) (here­inafter the “Ini­tial Fees”). An addi­tional effort (“Expenses”) is used by BIG BAND to pay for the costs and expenses men­tioned in the SOF.

The fees are not refund­able to the cus­tomer and are con­sid­ered as expenses incurred by BIG BAND at the recep­tion. All fees and expenses are con­sid­ered a deposit to BIG BAND due by the cus­tomer for the first month or months of the term. Fees and charges are non-refundable. REMOVAL OF EQUIPMENT 27. In the event that the con­tract is not renewed and/or ter­mi­nated and after pay­ment of all late fees, charges and inter­est, the cus­tomer must, within five (5) work­ing days from the date of full billing, remove or remove all devices and all cables, wiring, inter­con­nec­tions and other instal­la­tions at the sole expense and cost of the cus­tomer. Equip­ment or goods installed or placed by or for the cus­tomer in the space or in the premises, as well as parts of the space and premises dam­aged by such a dis­tance, shall be returned to their orig­i­nal con­di­tion, as it existed just before the instal­la­tion or place­ment of such objects.…