Rebate Agreement Deutsch

We must ensure that the pay­ment of rebates (and other refunds or retroac­tive cred­its) and the Com­mis­sion (and other sales taxes) is based on legally valid agree­ments or other valid grounds against gen­uine sales or ser­vices paid for in the good part and of a pro­por­tion­ate value. A com­mis­sion, includ­ing agency fees, bro­ker­age fees, etc., is a refund of ser­vices pro­vided by an agent, usu­ally on a per­cent­age basis of the sale value, but can also be lump sum or cal­cu­lated in other meth­ods (“Com­mis­sion”). An agent is a per­son or orga­ni­za­tion that, on behalf of Stora Enso, nego­ti­ates and/or enters into con­tracts with clients (“Agent”). Agents do not acquire own­er­ship of the prod­ucts sold (the sales con­tract between Stora Enso and the cus­tomer) and the agents are gen­er­ally not con­trac­tu­ally liable to the cus­tomer, unlike a mer­chant who takes the goods and then resells them to their own cus­tomers (“dis­trib­u­tor”). An agent‘s ser­vices include with­out restric­tion: the trans­la­tion is longer than usual. Wait or click here to open the trans­la­tion in a new win­dow. An agent is always a crit­i­cal third party. Before appoint­ing an offi­cer, you must fol­low the pro­ce­dures described in Sec­tion 6 of this Direc­tive for Crit­i­cal Third Par­ties. The main dif­fer­ence between a dis­count and a dis­count is that a dis­count is granted after pay­ment and a dis­count is deducted before pay­ment. A Commission‘s mar­ket con­di­tions depend on dif­fer­ent facts, such as the prod­uct. B.dem, the vol­ume and the mar­ket in which the agent oper­ates. As a result, the amount of the Com­mis­sion varies from case to case. The respon­si­ble seller ensures that the Com­mis­sion com­plies with the require­ments set out in this clause

Sim­i­lar rebates or cred­its must be granted to the cor­po­ra­tion charged for the cor­re­spond­ing deliv­ery of goods (the “cus­tomer”). A ref­er­ence to the con­tract and sales invoices must be included in the credit for rebates or other sim­i­lar cred­its. Com­mis­sions and ser­vice fees paid for other sales or mar­ket­ing ser­vices should not be used to cir­cum­vent cus­tomer dis­count rules. Inap­pro­pri­ate com­mis­sion pay­ments and other sales costs can be inter­preted as bribes or ille­gal kick­backs. Non-agent busi­ness part­ners may also offer dis­tri­b­u­tion ser­vices to Stora Enso, either in addi­tion to other busi­nesses they have with Stora Enso (for example.B. a dis­trib­u­tor may pur­chase goods from us and pro­vide other dis­tri­b­u­tion ser­vices), or as a stand-alone ser­vice (for exam­ple. B, mar­ket advi­sor). The roy­alty is usu­ally a fixed amount, but can also be based on sales vol­ume or other con­di­tions. Results: 1128. Exactly: 2. Pro­cess­ing time: 247 ms. It is for­bid­den to grant dis­counts to a party other than the cus­tomer (“No cus­tomer party”), unless all the require­ments of the next para­graph are met.