Make Rent Agreement Online

The manda­tory stamp duty for the rental con­tract in Delhi is 50/-, although there is no longer a fixed unit value after the intro­duc­tion of elec­tronic stamp paper. You can make a rental agree­ment on e-stamp paper of any amount, but it is always rec­om­mended to make a rental agree­ment on a stamp paper of RS 50/ — or more, in order to avoid dis­torted legal crises after­wards. Apart from some of the above clues, there are many such dis­agree­ments that can arise dur­ing the ten­ants‘ stay in the prop­erty. To deal with all these dis­putes in a timely man­ner, there must be a proper lease, approved by the gov­ern­ment. This is a doc­u­mented proof of the con­di­tions agreed between the owner and the ten­ant when rent­ing a prop­erty. You can cre­ate the lease online on It is quite easy and the lease is imme­di­ately estab­lished by fill­ing in only the nec­es­sary infor­ma­tion. Once the lease is estab­lished, it is sent to both par­ties, that is. .