Adp Global Master Services Agreement

Auto­matic Data Pro­cess­ing, Inc. makes avail­able, together with its sub­sidiaries and affil­i­ates (ADP), infor­ma­tion and ser­vices on its world wide web (the “Site”) under the fol­low­ing con­di­tions. By access­ing and/or using the site, you accept these Terms and Con­di­tions. 13.1 Tal­ent­Cir­cles‘ fail­ure to exer­cise or enforce any right or pro­vi­sion of the Terms of Use shall not con­sti­tute a waiver of such right or pro­vi­sion. The Terms of Use rep­re­sent the entire agree­ment between you and Tal­ent­Cir­cles and gov­ern your use of the Ser­vice and super­sede all prior agree­ments between you and Tal­ent­Cir­cles (includ­ing, but not lim­ited to, prior ver­sions of the Terms of Use). If you have any ques­tions regard­ing these Terms of Use or would like to dis­cuss this Ser­vice Agree­ment, please con­tact Tal­ent­Cir­cles at 12.1 This Agree­ment con­tains all sched­ules and state­ments attached to this Agree­ment, as well as any order forms exe­cuted between you and Tal­ent­Cir­cles. These doc­u­ments cover the entire agree­ment between you and Tal­ent­Cir­cles regard­ing the sub­ject mat­ter of the con­tract and super­sede all prior writ­ten or oral assur­ances, agree­ments and under­stand­ings. This Agree­ment may only be mod­i­fied or mod­i­fied by a duly exe­cuted writ­ten doc­u­ment. 1.1. The terms of this Agree­ment begin on the day you accept it and con­tinue until all sub­scrip­tions granted under this Agree­ment have expired or have been ter­mi­nated. If you choose to use the Ser­vices for a free trial period and do not pur­chase a sub­scrip­tion before the end of that period, this agree­ment expires at the end of the free trial period. Some­times, to meet legal require­ments and for other rea­sons, these con­di­tions may be revised or modified.

Your con­tin­ued use of the Ser­vice after such changes con­sti­tutes your con­sent to such changes. Unless oth­er­wise stated, all new fea­tures that enhance or extend the cur­rent ser­vice are sub­ject to the Terms. You can review the most cur­rent ver­sion of the Terms at any time at 2. COPYRIGHTS AND TRADEMARKS. The infor­ma­tion avail­able on or through this site is the prop­erty of ADP or its licen­sors and is pro­tected by copy­right, trade­mark and other intel­lec­tual prop­erty pro­tec­tion laws. Users may not mod­ify, copy, dis­trib­ute, trans­fer, dis­play, pub­lish, sell, license, cre­ate or use other deriv­a­tive works for com­mer­cial or pub­lic pur­poses or for com­mer­cial or pub­lic pur­poses. Users may not use the trade­marks, logos and ser­vice marks (“Marks”) with­out the writ­ten per­mis­sion of ADP or a third party that may own the Trade­mark, for pur­poses includ­ing, but not lim­ited to, such as “hot links” or meta tags on other world wide web sites or websites. .

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